Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Burn in the Hungarian Metal Hell

Garth just posted Rick's carefully transcribed list of English band names for Hungarian metal bands that played at Budapest's Sziget Festival, a week-long extravaganza that takes over a huge island in the Danube. Check it out:

Sorry but I don't know how to do links yet. Because I am lame.

By the way: The English name of the festival's metal stage, gleefully splashed across all English promotional materials? HAMMERWORLD: BURN IN THE HUNGARIAN METAL HELL!!!!


Margot de la Moulton said...

Oh my GOD! Rick is AWESOME for sharing that stuff! I'm like, "Should I be afraid or should I laugh my ass off?!?!"
Maybe we can all write a child's bedtimem story based on just that one post.... That's fanTASTic!

Rick said...

Actually, if you saw any of these bands you'd neither be afraid nor laugh your ass off, Margot . . . you'd actually be bored shitless.