Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Gringo Channel

Someday I really will learn Hungarian. In the mean time, ignorance is sometimes bliss.

Vintage Hungarian Sausage Commercial

This sausage makes you strip to your skivvies and sing like the chipmunks… and that’s the type of sausage I like to eat. Good times!

80s Hungarian cmmercial - Stzer?

Rick: Is this a commercial for nuclear power?

Sarah: I’m guessing it’s advertisting a Lord-of-the-Rings Stag Party package for Brits. Elf sex tourism. Huge in Budapest.

Hungarian 80s commercial - shopping center?

Rick: This was made by futuristic robotic overlords to entice humans into their reprocessing plant. Listen to those creepy, artificial keyboards. Something really bad is about to happen to that little guy.

Sarah: According to the folks on youtube, he's saying “I go in, I come out, but how well I come out…if I go in.”

Rick: Soylent Green is People!!!

1 comment:

jessamynit said...

wait... what part of that sausage commercial did you fail to understand?
it's so obvious.

and it also makes me want to barf.

not a fan of the snausage.