Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter

I’m not gonna lie, I’m just as excited as the next guy about the thrilling conclusion of Harry Potter. I am equally excited about Wizard People Dear Reader, by Brad Neely of Fort Smith, Arkansas (REPRESENT!) It’s a complete alternate soundtrack to the first Harry Potter movie—some of the strangest stoner humor this century. Behold:

He’s made an alternate soundtrack for the entire movie. The WHOLE thing! He’s also the creator of this three minutes of brilliance:

More on life, travels, and sweltering heat requiring me to soak in a vat of ice soon!


Garth said...

I saw a screening of Wizard People, Dear Reader at South Paw. It was pretty funny, even for someone like me who isn't overly-familiar with the series.

Ganch said...

OK, I was afraid of this. Does everyone already know about Wizard People Dear Reader? Am I like out of the loop? Should I have blogged about this back in May when I wanted to, but just didn't feel like it?

Lev 'Ljova' said...

say, so should we bring you a copy, or do you have it already?


Margot said...

I know a few people that know Brad Neely pretty well. I was turned onto his Wizard People about 2.5 years ago... guess I should have told you, eh? It's soooo funny... Most of it makes me cry it's so funny...
Ron the Bear!
Snape is the ugliest woman in the world!
I think my favorite is the first time Harry sees a goblin at Gringotts. Priceless.
I have the whole thing on my iPod.