Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Signs of Spring

Blue Sky: Check.
Blossoms on tree: Check.
Workmen Restoring Historic Building: Check.
Old Men on Bench: Check.

Yesterday's beautiful weather cheered my soul. And yet, as always, my sunny American enthusiasm collided with rock-solid Hungarian pessimism. A few minutes after taking this picture, we ran into our friendly landlady.

Sarah: Agnes! Look, what a gorgeous day!

Agnes: Yes, spring is almost here...blue sky, warm in the air... Only you know my soul is black, I am so heavy, because of my health, you know...

Sarah: At least the winter is over.

Agnes: Yes, but you know this was not winter. There was no winter this year. You know they keep it the records every year, how high the temperature, how low the temperature. They never a winter like this. They say that Hungary will be desert in 20 years. I see it on the National Geographic. In Europe it is only Belgium and Hungary that will be desert, because we have no mountains. Only I like it the warm so I not care. I like so much the hot, I want be hot all the time! No, I kidding. It so bad, you know, the future. I maybe am die first, but you will see it, your children will see it. We must make it the change but the people don't want to make the change, nobody change.

Sarah: Well at least Hungary seems like it's pretty good to the environment already. You have really good public transportation here. In America...

Agnes: Excuse me, but I not think so. Before, before the 1989, it was so good, the bus, the tram, everything work so good, so clean. It's important, the clean! And now every year worse than before.

Sarah: But still, compared to America...

Agnes: And every year they take it more money for the train. The tram get worse and worse, and they want more and more money. So expensive for the people here. Oh, it so bad. You pay it your heating bill? So much money.

Sarah: (slowly falling into a black pit of depression) Yes...we just paid it yesterday.

Agnes: This so much, this bill. All the price go higher. (laughs as if strangely delighted.)

Sarah: (attempting a joke) Well, I guess when Hungary is a desert I won't have to pay this heating bill.

Agnes: Excuse me, I sorry, but then it will be the air condition. And if Hungary desert this will be so high. Because in 20 years they will not have it the oil...


Garth said...

This is beautiful

Kj said...

HA! This is amazing. J'adore!

Kj said...

HA! this is amazing. J'adore.