Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Children of the Night

Rick and I are in the process of planning our Halloween trip to Transylvania. We're heading to Dracula's home town, and so perhaps we should have expected that even in the process of planning, we would be sickened.
Even disgusted.
Yes...yes...perhaps we should have expected that.
But we never could have expected THIS:

From the website of the Kismet Dao Hostel, Romania:

Why not try The Shagging Room? A private room with a queen sized metal framed bed, dresser, TV and a balcony. The Sun rises on this side for an easier morning shag. Many Towels provided. 3rd floor.

Eeeeeeew. Many Towels...

OK, I'll make the joke so you don't have to: "Children of the night. What Music they make."


dumneazu said...

OK, you don't go to Transylvania without advice. Lots of fiddle music, but you have to know where to look. email zaelic AT gmailDOTcom. Dumneazu

jessamynit said...

I don't get the joke but... hott! shagadelic!