Friday, October 27, 2006

Gone Till November

Rick and I are off to Romania, and doubtful we'll get a chance to update. Tune in, same bat time, same bat station, after November 3.

If you are in NYC, make sure to catch (or join) the Zombie Army as it terrorizes the Village Halloween Parade, rocking the Thriller dance all the way. We'll be there with you in spirit, guys . . . Stay Sick.

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garth said...

Sadly, due to lackluster zombie recruitment, and a spate of injuries, illness, depression, and general business among the planning team, it has been decided to forgoe the zombie army this year. Some of us might still dress up as zombies and march in the parade, or at least go barhopping, but there will be no thriller dance this year.

I can't tell you how sad I am. Come back from Budapest and help us plan better for next year. The Zombie Army Needs You! We're lost without our fearless leaders. When you do come back, you should bring some old commie military medals to wear as the the top brass of the zombie army.

In the meantime, have fun in Transylvania