Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Red Letter Day

And so the summer finally dies away, our neighbors break out their fall jackets, the days grow shorter and the leaves start falling. At three months in Hungary, I’ve reached an important mile-stone: my first non-embarassing encounter with the Bakery Bitch.

Hungarian is hard. It’s harder than most languages. It has eighty million vowels and words ten miles long. It has taken me an embarrassingly long time to learn enough Hungarian to get through simple shop transactions. Most vendors are good enough to bear with me while I grunt, point and draw pictures in a desperate effort to communicate. The Bakery Bitch, in contrast, appears to take great pleasure in my discomfort. She rolls her eyes, smirks, and and makes snarky comments to her coworkers with. Imagine her shock when I rolled in this morning, told her exactly what I wanted, gave her correct change without checking the cash register, and thanked her politely in perfectly functional Hungarian.


Sarah orders in Hungarian

Bakery Bitch: (taken aback) Well, surprise, surprise. It talks!

Sarah: That’s right! You heard me! You know what that was, that was flawless Hungarian! You Know How We Roll! BIOTTTCH!

Bakery Bitch hands Sarah her rolls.

Bakery Bitch: She seems pleased with herself. But what will she do when I ring her up…in Hungarian?

Sarah: Sucka! I already added it up in my head! I KNOW the price, I don’t HAVE to understand you! UHHH! How’s it feel? How’s it feel? Oh, you got served! (Sarah mentally does the cabbage patch)

Sarah pays. Bakery Bitch hands Sarah her change.

Bakery Bitch: Whatever. She still talks funny.

Sarah: I am the Ruler of the Universe.

As the bard says, Today Was a Good Day. Rick fixed our window and figured out how to turn on our heat. I wrote freelance stuff, ate a delicious restaurant lunch with Rick, and went to bluegrass practice. God’s in his heaven and all is right with the world.


Margot said...

awesome. so, how many languages can you get by with now?
you should let some of that shit roll off your tongue at Uncle Elton John-athon and see his reaction!
(he's always so pleased to say things in Russian that we don't understand...)

Rick said...

The rolls were tasty. BELIEVE.

sasha Cucciniello said...

simply beautiful

you are amazing
i miss you!!!!!

Justk said...

Woman, you make me smile. I know all too well about the "imaginary cabbage patch". And your writing is so visual-- I saw tumble weed in your wake as you left that joint. "Keep'n it REAL in Budapesht"-- you go!

matty said...

hmm. I'm lame and don't think I know this cabbage patch. but in any event, I'm glad you do it, mentally or otherwise.

jessamynit said...

you didn't even have to use your AK?