Thursday, December 28, 2006

See You in 2007

Outside our window, Budapest has a sugar-coating of snow, the first to arrive all winter. In a few minutes we're off to Paris to spend New Year's Eve with some old friends (straight outta Chicago and Buenos Aires!) I'll take lots of pictures and write you in 2007. In the mean time, allow me to reccommend Bootsy Collins' masterwork "Christmas is 4 Ever." Seriously, folks. Made my December.


Jeff Knight said...


I have a task for you. Find a copy of AQndras Torok's guide to Budapest. After reading it, how better could one prepare for a visit?

András Török's Budapest - A Critical Guide
Author: András Török
Release/year: Corvina / 2001
Price: 2000.- Ft
THE CULT GUIDE TO BUDAPEST FULLY REVISED FIFTH EDITION This is the ultimate insider's guide to Budapest. Non-stop facts and opinions about the proud monuments, the shabby little shops, the grand boulevards, the Art Noveau cafes, the latest restaurants, the best bars, the most unmissable museums. András Török, born in 1954, was Dissident no. 666, later Deputy Minister for Culture and the president of the National Cultural Fund. He has spent his life observing the Budapest scene. ENTHUSIASTIC AND IRREPLACEABLE TLS EXCELLENT AND PASSIONATE. BEGUILES THE READER INTO A SERIES OF ENTERTAINING WALKS. THE INDEPENDENT A HUMOROUS AND INTIMATE BOOK THE NEW YORK TIMES WITH 41 FOOLPROOF MAPS

Anonymous said...

Please may you send over your email address to stephen (at) - txs a lot, Steve

PS do you any contact details for Dumneazu by any chance please?