Thursday, February 08, 2007


Lagniappe: New Orleans for "a little something extra thrown in on the side."

My fellow fiddler Laci showed this to me this week, and I couldn't resist sharing. James Brown (looking like a middle-aged female librarian...with soul) calls both young Michael J and Prince up to the stage. As wonderful as it is to watch the young MJ, pre-alien metamorphosis, Prince is the real star of the show. Does Prince ride up to the stage on the back of a large white Hell's Angel? He does. Does he flamboyantly toss a white glove to the audience, only to have it tossed back in his face? He does. Does he threaten the mic stand with a karate chop? You know what, words can't do it justice, just watch:

James Brown: Prince. Prince! It's not a real lamp po...oh, shit...don't forget your coat!


jessamynit said...

I don't care what anyone says - I LOVE PRINCE AND MICHAEL JACKSON like it's freaking 1985 still. damn.

I kind of wish my ass looked like prince's.

and I am totally going to start using that jumpingjacks/ shake it down move of prince's. you know, in my, um, routines. dance routines.

Katie said...

Wow. Where the hell were they? By the way, we miss you terribly. Often we'll be wandering around the neighborhood hoping to bump into you and then realize, nope, not a chance. Also, that mic trick Prince does is worth multiple viewings.

The Brooklyn Sea Hag said...

I have no words. This is the best fucking thing I've ever seen. And your intro is brilliant. I'm floored.