Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Talented Caterpillars

While we were in Croatia—lo these many days ago—we spent some time in a beautiful seaside park, the home of a monastery.

The scenery was gorgeous, but when we looked down we couldn't believe our eyes:

Fuck you, Andy Goldsworthy. This shit is for real!

Seriously, can anyone explain this? A caterpillar ballet, or perhaps a marching band? Sign of an imminent tsunami?

We continued speculating as we walked up the coast. We stumbled on a sort of miniature Croatian Coney Island, complete with murals…

…plus crusty old men drinking homemade pálinka…

...and washing their dishes in the ocean.

Yep, that was Rick in the first picture. They invited us. This must be where the caterpillars were heading!


The Brooklyn Sea Hag said...

Those caterpillars are so CLEARLY doing the nasty.

Ganch said...

Don't think I didn't think about that one...

Viszlát Sjáumst said...

Obviously, the lot of them are blind but the one in front!

Ran across your blog searching for - believe it or not - the longest Hungarian word. I visited Budapest in 2002 and loved it. My cousin married a girl from Budapest and I remember her talking about and saying that word at Thanksgiving one year. Good stuff.

I used to travel to a different country in Europe for a week with friends each year but that has tailed off... I miss it... And am so envious of you being there, it's killing me to read these posts!!

For real, though.. good stuff. Enjoy your time there and good luck with your work.